Workshops Tech Requirements

With Pacific Northwest PHP Conference only 3 days away, we wanted you to be prepared before your travels to the event. To best be prepared in case of issues with connections, it's best to have everything installed/downloaded before arriving Thursday.

NOTE: Please do these before Thursday so you are prepared. Otherwise the instructor is forced to spend extra time helping you prepare instead of teaching. Thank you.

Please note that the Workshop location is DIFFERENT than the Conference location.


Seattle Center Armory
305 Harrison St
Seattle, WA 98109


Zend Expressive MicroFramework and Middleware - Adam Culp -
Location: The Armory Room #2

Instructions found here:

Git for Developers - Lorna Mitchell -
Location: The Armory - Room #3

  • Everyone should bring a laptop; this is a practical, hands-on session
  • Please install git 1.8 or later before you arrive
  • If you don't have github account, please sign up for one

Please note that this isn't a beginner session. You will need some git experience to benefit from this workshop.

Web Security Fundamentals - Eli White -
Location: The Armory - Room #4
No laptop required, just an open mind to explore the depths of Web Security, and a good way to take notes will help.

Lunch - 12:30 - 13:30 (Use your lunch ticket that you received during registration)
Location: Armory Food Court


Test, Create, Secure, Repeat - Michelangelo Van Dam -
Location: The Armory Room
Instructions found here:

Docker for Developers - Chris Tankersley -
Location: The Armory Room #3
Instructions found here:

PHP Extensions - Elizabeth Smith -
Location: The Armory Room #4

For the extensions tutorial - if you want to "code along", you'll need a compile environment for your system. That means autoconf, make, gcc at minimum.

You'll also need a PHP7 install with headers and phpize - this can come from a "from scratch" build of PHP or from a binary with dev packages.

Finally the github repository here: has all the code we'll be using

You can  follow along with the coding examples and slides if you don't want to be compiling on a laptop, all code/slides are available.

Setting up a compile environment can vary wildly and is highly dependent on users systems and likes.

The easiest way (and recommended way for new programmers and those
attending the talk) to do this is to simply use
a nicely set up vagrant/virtualbox with everything they'll need

For those who are more ambitious:

On a mac:

homebrew is recommended to get un-messed up headers and libraries

An install of php7 from the dotdeb or Ondřej Surý's PPA: will work as well

If you have any questions please tweet at @PNWPHP, or email the organizers at