Cornish Playhouse - Theater Sep 16, 2016 Detailed Session
PHP Code & Internals 11:00 - 11:45

"I don't know C!", is probably one of the most common excuses that us PHP nerds give for not contributing to PHP source. And top it off with all the overly-publicized drama surrounding the PHP internals mailing list, most user-land PHP developers don't want to touch PHP source with a ten foot pole. In this talk I tell my story of how a plain-old user-land PHP nerd who, "doesn't know C," found himself drawn to PHP internals like a bug to a light. I was meet with a lovely helpful community of individuals who mentored me the whole way to making PHP better. This talk will encourage and inspire you to join me on an epic journey to the center of PHP.

SammyK Media
Web Developer


Mr. Russell Robinson Great talk! Makes me want to contribute. I could listen to this guy all day. Great slide preparation and delivery. On a side note I vote he is the php look a-like for Chris Pratt. Very entertaining talk. He make learning Fun!
Sep 16, 2016 18:42:48